Liam Payne Just Got A New Tattoo And Everyone’s Convinced It’s A Tribute To Cheryl

Is it a subtle nod to his girlfriend?

Cheryl Cole And Liam Payne

It’s hard to believe that Liam and Cheryl have only been dating for around a year. Since confirming their romance last January the pair have moved into a home in the UK, added a pup to the fam and are reportedly expecting their first child.

Now, Liam has made a move that further solidifies their relationship: he’s gotten a tattoo in Cheryl’s honour.

Or at least, everyone reckons it’s in her honour.

The tatt in question is an eye that looks suspiciously just like Cheryl’s inked onto the singer’s arm, and the internet is already drawing its own conclusions.

Hmm. It’s super cute, but Liam, have you learnt nothing from Zayn’s Perrie tattoo debacle?

Zayn had a massive portrait of his now ex fiancée Perrie Edwards inked on his arm before having it covered up after their split.

Oh well, there’s always laser removal if things don’t work out.


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