Liam Reveals The Meaning Behind One Of His Latest Tattoos – And Yes, It Is What You Think It Is

Cheryl would be so pleased.

Liam and Cheryl are totally smitten and if you want further proof of it you just need to look to one of Liam’s latest tattoos.

Back in January, the singer got an eye inked onto his forearm and fans immeditely jumped to the conclusion that it was a replica of Cheryl’s.

Now Liam has confirmed that the tattoo is indeed in Cheryl’s honour. Aww.

Speaking to a group of One Direction fans in Boston, the singer confirmed that the inking was of Cheryl’s eye, before adding that it’s his favourite tattoo to date “but sometimes it feels like she’s always watching.”

Liam also revealed his baby son’s middle name, telling fans that he and Cheryl had decided to name their little one Bear Grey Payne.

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