Lily Allen Generously Told The Story Of How She Was Kicked Out Of An Awards Show For Doing Ketamine

Oh Lily, you mad scone.

We always knew Lily Allen was a wild one, but this takes the cake.

The popstar revealed that she was forced to leave the Glamour Awards in 2008 after taking what she assumed to be cocaine, but which turned out to be ketamine. Truly, the embodiment of Glamour.

She was responding to a tweet asking people the best reason they’d been kicked out of an “event, building or group”, and said:

Someone gave me a line of what I assumed to be cocaine at the Glamour Awards once, but it turned out to be ketamine. I was thrown out (passed over the railings) of the Glamour Awards for being in a K-hole.

For those of us blissfully unfamiliar with the drug ketamine, it’s basically an animal tranquilliser – so being in a ‘k-hole’ means you have not a clue what is going on in the world around you. Not great if you’re at a swanky awards show.

She followed up this admission with photographic proof of her being hauled out over the railings:

She explained that she was put into an empty taxi by herself as her assistant watched on from behind the railings. Once they spotted the paparazzi, the taxi driver was told to go on with the drugged-up Lily alone in the back seat.

The person in the car behind was asked to follow the cab – and that person happened to be Alan Carr. He remembers drinking vodka in Lily’s house with her brother Alfie and musician Sam Sparro:

Good of Alan to fill in the blanks for Lily there. Former Glamour editor Jo Elvin noted that while all this was happening, Lily managed to hang on to her award:

When asked why she was telling us all this, Lily referenced the title of her new album, No Shame:

When you take shame off the table they have nothing.

If this is what the celebs are telling us, imagine what they’re NOT telling us. *thinking man emoji*