Lily Allen Reveals How She Met Husband David Harbour

"My husband is a delight and I'm feeling pretty good these days."


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I don’t know what it is, I just can’t put my finger on it, but there is something that is so lovely about Lily Allen and David Harbour.

The pair have been together since 2019, and we can all remember that gorgeous pic of Lily and David on their wedding day, also the one of Lily diving into a divine looking burger in her even more divine wedding dress – as half the nation had shared it on their Instagram stories.

Although they’ve been married for half a year now, we’re still none the wiser of how they met – until now.

Lily opened up about their relationship and how they met during an Instagram Q&A, as well as answering a few other burning questions too.


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Answering the question of how she and David met, Lily decided to keep things a little vague, saying it was “in a dressed room area of a chat show.”

She then opened up a little about how she’s finding married life, saying: “You know, it’s kind of fab. I can’t complain. My husband is a delight and I’m feeling pretty good these days.” Ugh, love this for her.

Someone also asked if Lily had ever had any cosmetic procedures, where she revealed that she did have liposuction done but ended up feeling embarrassed over it.

“I was with this guy and he was like ‘what are these scars?’ and I was so embarrassed, I said, ‘It’s from a hip replacement.'”