Lily Allen Says The Term ‘Nepo Baby’ Is Sexist – But What About All Of The Nepo Boys?

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Lily Allen has gone on the record and said that she thinks ‘nepo baby’ is a sexist term.

In case you are somehow unaware, a ‘nepo baby’ refers to a person – usually a celebrity – who has famous or relevant-in-some-way parents, whose status most likely helped their child in their career.

The term has gained traction in the past few years, and is sometimes used as a means of discrediting the work and talent of younger generations. It has led to much frustration among the nepo baby community, who have expressed the need to further ‘prove’ themselves because of it.

Lily Allen has been one of these people. In fact, she even thinks the term is sexist.

Speaking on the Miss Me? podcast, she says: “I’m called a nepo baby all the time. I actually don’t really mind the nepotism thing, it’s the ‘baby’ that annoys me, it’s like, I’m 40 years old nearly!

“It’s meant to be infantilising. Also I think it’s something that is almost exclusively used for women, I don’t think I can even really name any male nepo babies.”

via Instagram

But what about the nepo boys, Lily? The ones dominating Hollywood, like Dan Levy, Jaden Smith, and the king of having famous parents and not really sure what to do with that info, Brooklyn Beckham?

Lily, however, does go on to make a few fair points about the treatment of her brother, Game of Thrones actor, Alfie Allen.

“My brother, for instance, doesn’t get called nepo baby and I do,” she says.

“I feel like a lot of the time over the past 15, 20 years when I’ve been written about it will always say ‘Lily Allen, daughter of Keith Allen’ and I don’t see that happening with boys as often as it does with girls.

“There’s an element of truth to it, I grew up in a certain class bracket. I grew up in and amongst people that worked in media, and I don’t think I’ve ever really disputed that.”

Alfie may not have been called ‘Keith Allen’s son,’ but he was definitely called ‘Lily Allen’s brother.’ Do with that what you will.