Lindsay Lohan Has Addressed Her Instagram Feud With Kim Kardashian

"I'm confused."

Lindsay Lohan has finally addressed that terribly funny Instagram row she had with Kim Kardashian last year.

It all kicked off when Kim posted a photo of her with braids on her Insta. People were accusing her of cultural appropriation, and Lindsay weighed in on the debate with a simple: “I’m confused”.

Then, Kim clapped back with the most hilarious response ever, writing: “You know what’s confusing…..your sudden foreign accent.” Remember when Lindsay started speaking like she had broken English all of a sudden? Iconic.

Although we didn’t get much more drama after that, Lindsay was recently asked about it by Andy Cohen during his show, Watch What Happens Live. She tried to put an end to the drama with Kim, saying “I love Kim… I just was confused by the braids. She just had a baby. I don’t know. We’re friends. [I’m friends] with all the family.”

Lindsay also addressed her accent, by simply saying that she “picks things up very quickly”. Okaaaay Lindsay..

We don’t care what people say about this gal, you can’t argue that she’s absolutely gas.


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