Literally Everyone Needs This Alarm Clock That Brews Your Morning Coffee For You

The price might be a problem though.

Barisieur alarm clock

There’s nothing better in the world than that first sup of coffee in the morning, but some days even the thought of dragging yourself out of bed (to the sound of a screeching alarm clock) and making it to the kitchen to stick on a brew, is just too much to handle.

Well, if this is you, we’ve found a coffee invention that takes the whole getting out of bed thing out of the equation.

Introducing the Barisieur, created by Joshua Renouf. It’s an alarm clock that literally brews your coffee for you, meaning that you don’t even have to peel yourself out of the warm confines of your duvet to get your first caffeine hit of the day.

@jenievamarie knows what she is talking about. Nearly got yourself a #Barisieur #Coffee #Morning

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This smart little machine will boil the water, pour it over your grinds and keep your milk cool – oh, and it can be tailored to your snoozing habits too. Love a lie in? The Barisieur can be set to begin brewing 30 minutes after your alarm first goes off, or you can simply flip a switch when you’re ready for your brew.

We’re making progress #Barisieur #coffee #wakeup

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The only teeny tiny problem though? At $380 it’ll set you back quite a bit.

Still, for the absolute pleasure of getting our very first sup of caffeine before we’ve even left our beds, we reckon it’s nearly worth it.


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