LOL! Colin Farrell Opened Up About ‘Uncomfortable’ Sex Scenes And Trimming His ‘Retro Bush’

"I was sweatin'!"

Colin Farrell made an appearance on The Ellen Show yesterday and he dished up a very funny story about his first ever sex scene in an American movie, and what he had to do to his nether regions.

Ellen had told him that she’d donate $10,000 to the charity of his choice if he made a confession – and this is what he revealed.

“I was doing my first American film, I think in the year 2000. There was a sex scene in it, and I was very nervous because I’d never done a sex scene. Now they’re just a walk in the park…not really. They’re always uncomfortable.”

“Anyway, I went to the director, Joel Schumacher, and I had a dressing gown on and nothing underneath. I was obviously so nervous that I lost my mind for a second, because I opened my dressing gown and I said, ‘Is it a bit…?’ Because, like most men, I had what you could refer to as ‘retro bush’… and Joel, the director, kinda went, ‘Oh…’ and I went, ‘Okay, I’ll trim it’.”

“So I went into the hair and make-up department – it was their lucky day – and I said ‘Do you have a beard trimmer?’ and they said ‘yeah’… I don’t know if they ever used the beard trimmer after.” We sure hope not…

Then Colin continued, “I went into my trailer, I got a bin and I put it there *gesturing between his legs*. I was nervous and I trimmed the right side a little bit, and obviously I had to match it, so I trimmed the left. But I overshot the mark by a little bit, so I had to get back in and approach the right again. I overshot that, and at this stage, I was sweatin’. I went back in and re-approached the landing on the left, and then I looked down and I had a little landing strip – a lovely, lovely little landing strip.

“I didn’t get my full frontal after all,” he concluded.

See the full interview on Ellen here…

Ellen, the audience, and indeed anyone who watched the show was in stitches laughing at him tell his story, and so it was no surprise that he was given a giant cheque for $10,000 to donate to his son’s school.

Definitely worth the embarrassment, we reckon.

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