LOL! Taylor Swift Announced Her New Album And Now Everyone’s Making Harry Potter Jokes

Sounds random but it sort of makes sense...

Taylor Swift announced her new album Reputation yesterday after days of releasing teasers, and fans have come to one very clear conclusion about it.

The 27-year-old had uploaded a number of videos of a black snake, the final of which showed the reptile opening his mouth to attack – which was then followed by the news that her album will be out on 10 November.

Fans of the singer have decided that she must be a Slytherin, and they’ve been making some pretty gas jokes about it online. On Facebook, one fan said, “Y’all. Taylor is a SLYTHERIN. It seems pretty clear ‘this’ is the announcement she’s making. #SlytherinPride”.

“Another said, “The chamber of secrets has been opened. Enemies of Taylor, BEWARE ?? .”

Meanwhile on Twitter, someone wrote, “As someone who has gotten Slytherin in every Harry Potter Buzzfeed quiz, I welcome the return of our Basilisk overlord Taylor Swift.”

Another tweeted, “The snake is clearly a basilisk, and the only rational conclusion is that Taylor Swift is in fact writing the next Harry Potter book.”

Lol. Imagine!

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