Lorde Shares an Old Text From Taylor Swift – And It’s Amazing

Of course Taylor would text like this!

Image via Instagram, @lorde_bby

It’s rare that we get to see the way celebs communicate with each other privately – it’s honestly hard to imagine them texting each other the way we do. Do they update their close friends stories with mundane details about their working day? Send a panicked voice note into the group chat when they bump into their ex on the bus? We need to know!

Now the singer Lorde has let us in on these well kept secrets just a little, by sharing part of a text message sent to her by Taylor Swift in 2017, when Lorde’s Melodrama album first came out. And, unsurprisingly, it is incredibly sweet.

In a public story on her Instagram, Lorde shared the end of a lengthy message from Taylor.

Image via Instagram, @lorde

The chunk of the message we can read says, “you will always be imagined in my mind in a rowboat with Annie Lennox floating down a review of cool cerebral ethereal dreams but don’t-fuck-with-me-vibes all around you…And I don’t think first week record sales singularly define a legacy”.

Okay, so not only is Taylor a poetic and meaningful song lyricist, she also texts that way. We’re obsessed!

Lorde was clearly moved by the message too, responding at the time, “I love you so much for this”, and captioning the screenshot five years later, “Taylor was very kind and not wrong”. Aww.

We love this friendship – and hope to get some more sneaky celebrity text pics soon!