Louis Theroux Reveals He Wants His Next Doc To Be About Melania Trump

We would watch this, tbf!

Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux is no stranger to difficult subjects in his documentaries. From Scientology to the Westboro Baptist Church, the film maker often explores secretive subjects and people who aren’t exactly inviting him with open arms, which is why we would be fascinated a documentary focusing on The First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump.

Louis revealed that he’d love to be a fly on the wall in her day to day, because he feels she’s in a life she never signed up for.

“You would sort of film with her in this kind of gilded cage that she inhabits,” he told Press Association.

“There’s something of ‘could she have known what she was signing on for?” he continued. “Did she just think she was marrying a billionaire, who she thought was perhaps quite funny, and interesting?”

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 15.42.51

Melania and husband Donald Trump


“Maybe not physically attractive, but that he could provide her with certain lifestyle, introduce her to a world that was interesting? And then now, she’s a prisoner of – I mean, I’m speaking hypothetically because we don’t really know, do we – but she’s a metaphorical prisoner of that lifestyle.”

The 49-year-old was married to Donald Trump for almost ten years before he became president, and worked as a model until the late 90s. For a woman who keeps fairly quiet, she’s been no stranger to controversy since moving into the White House.

Melania was accused of plagiarising Michelle Obama’s speech in 2016, and came under fire in 2018 for wearing a jacket that read: “I really don’t care. Do u?” on the back during a trip to visit migrant children who had been separated from their parents.

We’d love to see inside the life of Melania Trump and Louis is probably the best man for the job!

For now though, Louis is promoting his new documentary Mothers on the Edge, which looks at mother’s with serious mental illness triggered by birth or motherhood. He’ll spend time at specialised psychiatric units, which treats these women, while allowing them to live alongside their babies. It airs on BBC Two on the 12th of May.

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