Louise Cooney’s New Apartment Is A Literal Dream

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Influencer Louise Cooney has just moved into her new apartment with her boyfriend Mark, the couple moved into their new home on Friday and enjoyed the weekend settling in.

Speaking on her Instagram stories today Louise said, “It’s so nice waking up here this morning, we had the best weekend settling in.

“It’s one of those things where we can’t stop looking around and I’m like ‘oh my god I live here’,” she said

Louise’s apartment came fully furnished but there are a few spots in the place that she plans on giving her own touch, “Upstairs in the mezzanine is pretty unfurnished, it kind of looks like a waiting room right now there’s only like two chairs and a table…I want to get a really nice couch…”

Louise showed her followers a couch she was interested in but received a general consensus that it didn’t look too comfortable, she is exploring the idea of a new sofa downstairs too, it’s all very exciting!

Sharing a first look at her new abode on Friday she wrote, “We have a lot of work to do but I love how light and airy it is.”

The apartment looks very bright and full of space with a loft, which we adore! They got snow on moving day which made the place even brighter, the snowy view looks like a dream.

The apartment came fully furnished, Louise shared with her followers this week that she was looking forward to seeing how it turned out. It looks like they did a great job!

In a recent vlog on her YouTube channel, Louise shared the news that she would be moving in with her boyfriend Mark, “I’m going to view an apartment now, myself and Mark are going to move in together, which is so exciting.

“Megan [Louise’s roommate] is going to stay here, I love living with Megan, but it’s an exciting time for us and our relationship that we’re feeling ready to move in together.”

Continuing, she said, “I’m going to go and view a place now and see what it’s like. I definitely want to stay around where we are, something very similar to what we have is perfect.

But I do need more space – as you can see from my videos I work a lot from my room and there’s stuff everywhere, so it would be great to have my own space to shoot in.”


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