Love Is Blind’s Jessica Reveals What Really Happened With Mark After Filming Ended

"When that played out, I really couldn't believe it."


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If you’ve tuned into the Love Is Blind reunion on Netflix, you’ll know that things are slightly tense between certain members of the cast. But one thing the audience may have been surprised about was that the tense situation wasn’t between Jessica and Mark. They didn’t leave things on the best of terms, so you’d be forgiven for expecting some awkwardness.

Although Mark didn’t make an appearance on the show, Jessica revealed that she’s on good terms with Mark and that she’s extremely happy for him.

“I’m super, super happy for him [Mark Cuevas],” she shared on E! News’ Daily Pop.

Sharing that the plan was for the two of them to disagree with the marriage, Jessica revealed, “We really had an agreement on the show. We knew that we weren’t going to work out in the end, so on that day, we were not planning on saying yes. When everything went down and he was crying on his mom and everything like that, it was a huge shock to me.”


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A post shared by Jessica Batten (@jessicabatten_)

According to Jessica, Mark reached out to her the following day to “apologise for all the betrayal,” but once the show aired, fans only saw Mark’s side of the story, rather than the full thing.

“When this all played out, it was a totally different story than the one I had to get through,” Jessica continued. “Because to me, that was my guy. We were best of friends too, and I was kind of hanging in there to see what could happen with us. When that played out, I really couldn’t believe it.”

Continuing to say that she’s not holding any grudges, Jessica said: “I thought at some point maybe he would have the courage to come out and tell the real story, especially with the shame I was going through. Life moves on.”

Since the show first aired, Jessica has recently celebrated her one year anniversary with partner Ben McGrath, while Mark has moved on and is now engaged to his fianceé Aubrey, and the pair recently welcomed their first child.


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