Love Is Blind’s Natalie Calls Out Shayne For ‘Blatantly Lying’ In Tell All Podcast

The drama is neverending!


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If you thought the Love Is Blind drama was over, you are sorely mistaken!

Contestant Shayne Jansen decided to do a ‘tell all’ podcast about his experience, and for some reason that is completely beyond us, used the platform to further discuss his thoughts and feelings regarding ex-fiancé Natalie Lee.

Jansen spoke to podcast host Nick Viall about his relationship with Lee, saying that she made him feel ‘horrible’ about himself, and that he feels like maybe he was just ‘in love with the idea of her’.

He went on to say that Natalie monitored his drinking, policed what he was or wasn’t allowed to say on the show, and was constantly putting him down.

‘She would always pick little things I did wrong and never appreciate anything I did right for her. All the time.’

Well, Natalie was having none of it, and she took to Instagram stories to share a lengthy statement in which she insists that Shayne is not being totally truthful.


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Writing to her followers, Lee shared that she was ‘very shocked’ by what Shayne had to say, and that she felt saddened by his ‘blatant lying’. She responded to each of the allegations made about her behaviour, and laid out her opinions on the pair’s interactions.

‘Regarding the comment about me “scripting” our conversations: I never told Shayne what to say nor did we ever discuss or plan what to say in certain scenes. I did, however, set boundaries… I asked him to not drink alcohol before “serious” scenes and to not share in-depth details of our intimacy.

Natalie also went on to address Shayne’s reasoning for why the couple broke up – the latter shared on the podcast that it was due to Natalie’s jealousy over fellow contestant Shaina Hurley, who Shayne had connected with on the show.

Continuing her post, Natalie shut that theory down, revealing that the relationship ended over her discovering Shayne’s ‘flirtatious’ messages to other women.

Yikes…is it bad to say we aren’t surprised?


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