‘Love Is Exhausting’: LiLo Posts About ‘Serenity’ After Flinging Her Fiancé’s Phone In The SEA

Takeaway: don't start an argument with LiLo near open water.

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Sun, sea, sand… and screaming matches.

Lindsay Lohan’s 30th birthday holiday in Greece didn’t go quite as smoothly as planned, after a “furious” row erupted between herself and her fiancé, Russian businessman Egor Tarabasov.

According to reports in The Sun today, the actress ended up throwing Egor’s phone into the sea in full view of other guests at the Mykonos beach club where the pair were partying.

“Everything was fine between them before something on Egor’s phone upset Lindsay,” an onlooker told the paper.

“They then started shouting and screaming at each other. Lindsay threw his phone in the sea, she looked absolutely furious.

“The security at the beach club had to pull them apart and Lindsay left in her car while Egor went back to the party.”

Awkward or what? Egor’s mum was present for the argument and reportedly looked less than impressed at LiLo’s behaviour. We can imagine.

While the normally outspoken Lindsay didn’t explicitly address the row on social media, she did imply that things had been smoothed over with this post, in which she spoke about love being “exhausting” but “important”:

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She also later shared this snap of herself and Egor, which we’re guessing was taken on her phone seeing as his was swimming with the fishes:

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It’s been a pretty shaky birthday all round for Lindsay, who tried and failed to drum up commercial sponsorship for her big day, but had to settle for a holiday with Egor instead.

Lindsay’s PR crew apparently “put together a one-sheet [proposal] of sponsorship opportunities” and also pushed the hashtag #LiLols30 on social media but “nobody bit,” an insider told Page Six last week.

The actress’s 20th birthday in 2006 was sponsored by Life & Style magazine for a reported six-figure sum.


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