Love Island Fans Are Convinced This Liberty & Jake Moment Has Fake Written All Over It

Honestly, we can see where they're coming from...


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At this stage, the Love Island producers must realise that they don’t need to leave us with cliffhangers in order for us to keep tuning in to the show. We’re going to be sitting down, dressing gown on, tea and snacks at the ready at 9pm each night regardless of a cliffhanger.

But, of course, that’s not stopping the Love Island team from ensuring that we’re waiting patiently to see what’s going to happen in the next episode after a short ‘tomorrow night‘ clip.

In last night’s preview that will air tonight, some viewers were shocked to see that Liberty seems to be doubting her relationship with Jake. As we all know, the pair have been together since day one and made things official even before Casa Amor.

During a conversation with Chloe, Liberty revealed to her, “If he is he’s not the one for me. If he’s taking me for granted he’s not the one for me,” adding, “I just feel like I’ve been having a rocky week.”

However, some Twitter users pointed out that you can see Liberty smirking slightly when Chloe hugs her, with plenty guessing that it’s part of a task.

Literally, there’s only one thing that we all know for sure, and that’s that we’ll be tuning in to find out.

In other Love Island news, Matthew is the most recent Islander to be dumped and he’s been spilling the tea.

When it comes to other romantic connections, it turns out that Matthew had his eye on none other than the fab Millie Moo. Yep, but he decided against pursuing anything. “I felt like it was pretty much Kaz from the start. I did like Millie if I’m honest but I didn’t want to get involved in that situation and I’m happy I didn’t because we’re good friends and I love Liam.”

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