Love Island Fans Are STRESSED For Dami And Indiyah

The ring is IN there Indiyah!

One of Love Island’s most anticipated traditions has begun as the girls have left for Casa Amor. Meaning a whole new group of Islanders have joined the show, putting the original couples to the test.

But one couple in particular has viewers worried, with many believing fan favourites, Indiyah and Dami, might be in trouble, especially after a mix up last night.

The boys were asked to pack the girls bags for their stay in Casa Amor, and some decided to put in sentimental items, with Dami leaving his ring in Indiyah’s suitcase.

But when the girls were unpacking and gushing over their gifts, Indiyah wondered why he hadn’t sent anything sentimental for her? Fans are now worried that without the ring, Indiyah might move on from Dami, thinking he hadn’t cared enough to pack something for her.

Not only did Indiyah not find Dami’s ring, but the sneak peek of tonight’s episode tells us that Dami is about to kiss a new girl!


In the preview for tonight’s show we saw Dami and Andrew lean in for a snog with a bombshell, while their current partners are unaware in another villa.

Will Indiyah test the waters? Tasha has so far stayed loyal to Andrew but did say that she has not found “THE guy” yet…

We weren’t expecting this, but it looks like anything could happen in Casa Amor…We are in for an interesting few days.

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