Love Island Fans Divided After 2023’s Reunion Show

"Wait that’s it this reunion could’ve been an email."

kady mcdermott


After a week away from our screens, Love Island returned to offer us an update on this year’s islanders. The class of 2023 reunited in the Aftersun studio and spilled all the villa tea. There were several dramatic confrontations and some insider info on the relationships (the ones that are still standing anyway).

Firstly we saw Kady, Molly, and Zach go head to head. The trio were sat centre stage as they addressed “bikini-gate.” Once Kady was eliminated from the villa by Whitney and Lochan, Molly told them: “For me, you’ve done me a favour. I’ve been struggling seeing Kady around with the whole Zach thing.”

With Kady reacting on Twitter, writing: “Whilst she was wearing my bikini, make it make sense.”

Host Maya Jama asked the season two star how she felt about Molly’s comment. As Kady explained: “”I was actually upset about that. You know it’s not nice when anyone gets dumped, we all loved being in the villa, and I know we weren’t the best of friends but we did have some kind of understanding.”

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“That day I got dumped, that morning she asked if I had a black bikini and I was like ‘yeah, of course,’ again, we weren’t best friends but we had an understanding, a little relationship, so then to hear her saying…” she continued.

Molly jumped in, saying: “I did mean it from a good place, just to see you around would have triggered that nerve that hurt.”

Kady added: “I know, but I’m not the problem though, it was Zach, so to say that…I genuinely wish them all the best, they are great people and so cute and I do not want any ill intentions, I wish you two all the best and that’s that.”

Later on Zach confronted Kady over her statements on several podcasts, which she spoke about her fellow islanders. Saying: “Our names are in your mouth, your name isn’t in our mouths. I feel I speak for the both of us when I say we wish you nothing but happiness and good health.”

“Zach, enjoy your 15 minutes,” Kady hit back. The basketballer stressed that he doesn’t “talk behind people’s backs”, with Kady replying: “I don’t talk behind people’s backs, I say it on podcasts.”

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Then we caught up with Scott and Catherine. The couple proved popular whilst coupled up, but their relationship ended when Catherine brought Elom back from Casa Amor.

Despite the drama plenty of fans are still routing for the pair, and seeing as Catherine and Elom are no longer together, a possible rekindling has been on fans’ minds.

The Dublin girl and pro-footballer addressed where they currently stand. The Welshman was asked: “Scott, you and Catherine had a connection pre-Casa Amor, is there anything lingering there now? DMs maybe I think have been shared?”

Throwing the question to Catherine with a smirk, he said: “Do you want to start?” To which Catherine replied: “We talk, we are on good terms, do you want to add to that?”

“We are in a good place with it, we were friends before Catherine left the villa, it didn’t come across like that but we were, I used to sit and chill with them two, we’re good friends,” Scott added.


Next up was Messy Mitch, who actually missed out on the chance to cause chaos, as his ex Abi and current flame Ella had a tough conversation.

“When I first came out of the villa and I was going through TikToks, looking back and stuff, me and Mitch did have a really good connection, and personally I think it was stronger than his and Ella B’s,” Abi began.

With Ella B, saying: “If you were stronger his head would have never turned.”

“I just think that’s screaming bitter to me so.”

Abi ended with: “Well, it’s just my personal opinion” and claimed she would never get back together with Mitch.

Needless to say, fans had plenty of thoughts about the dramatic reunion.

However, some fans weren’t as happy with the reunion, thinking it was lacking and in need of a re-vamp.



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