Love Island Finalists Reveal Their First Date Plans, What’s Next And Even Discuss Marriage

There's a whole lot to unpack.


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Anyone else feel at a loss of what to do with themselves each night at 9pm since the Love Island finale? Yep, there’s been a lot of channel flicking and wondering how we managed to entertain ourselves nightly on our Love Island hiatus.

Well, our three finalists are finally having the chats post villa. Toby and Chloe, Kaz and Tyler, Faye and Teddy are all chatting about their post-island plans now that they’ve arrived back in the UK, what’s next for the couples, and Chloby are even talking about their dream wedding. Cuties.

Revealing how they felt about coming in second place, Chloe shared, “I thought it was amazing. Best thing ever. Especially to be in the final with Millie & Liam. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.” Of course, Toby shared his thoughts on coming in second place too, “I think when you’re on your journey, when you meet someone, you don’t think about the final. So being there was surreal, and being second was the cherry on the top of the cake. Because everything after finding Chloe was just a bonus.”

Chloe revealed that she’d like for the proposal that she chatted about while on the show to happen ‘imminently’, and Toby had a very Toby-like response, “She’s going to have to pop the question if she wants to pop it and then see if she’s gonna get the right answer or what…”


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Speaking about the sweet moment when Toby asked her to be his girlfriend during the speeches, Chloe revealed: “It was my favourite moment I think as I didn’t see it coming and it was like the nicest speech ever so I thought it was great. And then when he said it I was like, ‘Oh my god!’ I didn’t think he would do it. We hadn’t spoken about it. I don’t know if you’ve noticed we’re not very good at the serious chat situations.”

And what about their first date plans? “I wanna do a bottomless brunch in an arcade and you [Toby] want to go to the F1 in Monaco on a yacht! So we’re going to try do it all in one”, Chloe shared, while Toby added: “Yeah we’ll do it all in one day.”

As for what’s next for the pair, when asked if they’ll be moving in together, Chloe said, “I’m going home for a bit and then I think I’m going to move to Essex with some of the girls. That’s the plan,” while Toby added, “Well I’m in Essex, she says she’s moving to Essex so… it all worked out for me in the end!”


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We then had Faye and Teddy in third place, who revealed what their plans are as they currently live quite a bit away from each other. “We have spoken about it and I think we will likely get a place together but I will probably still spend two, three nights – depending on schedules at work – in Devon. Teddy will still have his own space, to be able to see friends, family but it will be our place and we will still spend time apart until we want to be with each other fully. I think that’s our next step,” shared Faye, while Teddy added, “I think it just depends on how she deals with being away from me! Personally, when we’ve spoken about it I’m really open to Devon, anywhere in the UK that gets me closer to Faye.”

Sharing why they think their relationship works, Teddy said, “I’m the ice to her fire to be honest! Overall we have so much fun together, we take the p*** out of each other and we have our affectionate moments. We’ve got such a fine balance. Even the arguing, I think that’s healthy in every relationship. It’s just how you deal with it.” While Faye then added, “That’s why when we made up I said to him I can’t sit here and promise you that that won’t happen again because I can’t say that I won’t argue and I won’t shout. That’s not something that’s in me. I am a fiery person. Obviously, I know how to deal with things better now.”

Finally, we had Kaz and Tyler in fourth place. Speaking about their journey, Kaz shared that she felt something for Tyler immediately. “I think when he walked in I looked at him and thought, ‘Wow, he is fit!’ but I wanted him to take the lead. When I like someone I can get quite tunnel visioned but he was just lush, friendly and open. I had no complaints! He gave me the vibe that he was there for me.”


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Tyler then spoke of his Casa Amor return, revealing: “The main thing is when I came back into the main Villa, I underestimated my feelings for Kaz and I walked down and stood beside Laura and I saw Kaz with Matt and I didn’t expect to feel that way. I knew I liked Kaz but I didn’t expect to feel that strongly. A lot of people felt that I didn’t navigate it the right way but I found my way back eventually.”

Of course, we all know that it worked out perfectly for them both in the end, speaking about what’s next for them as a couple Tyler continued, “We’re really close, I’m in South London and you’re in Essex, we’re just down the road. We’re in our own little bubble and we’re on the same page and we know where we are going and it is towards the boyfriend and girlfriend,” Kaz then jokingly added, “I like when he says it out loud!”

Before Tyler then added, “It’s definitely on the cards but we want to get it right. We wanted to come out and do it properly and we’re doing it at our pace.”

Honestly, we just can’t wait to see what’s next for our Love Island couples!


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