STELLAR’s Love Island Power Ranking: Week 7

Ahead of tonight's recoupling, let's take stock.

We’re entering crunch time in the Love Island villa – the contestants have just 11 more episodes in which to couple up and impress the public before the final on Monday July 29.

Tonight there’ll be a recoupling, and the girls have the power in their hands. Let’s take a look at the lay of the land ahead of the drama later.

Curtis and Maura

We never imagined this would happen, but these two? Kind of cute. Maura is clearly nuts about Curtis, and while we’re never sure what his intentions are at any given time, Curtis knows when he’s on to a good thing. Tommy and Molly-Mae have some decent competition for that £50k, is all we’re saying…


After a rough few weeks, Amber at last has her groove back, thanks in part to a nice confidence boost from new boy Greg. But Michael has come to shake things up again by, in our humble opinion, lying straight to her face about his feelings for her (after bluntly telling her time and again that it’s over between them). Don’t believe him, Amber. Greg’s right there!

Anna and Jordan

These two had a great week, getting a night in the Hideaway in which they opened the kinky press that we didn’t even know existed. They’re definitely the first to find it, right? They seem to fancy each other like mad and have a genuine connection – unless something goes badly wrong over the next week, we’re calling them as potential runners-up.

Tommy and Molly-Mae

Tommy and Molly are fairly solid at this stage, but they’re kind of getting lost in the background of all that’s going on. You know what they need? The baby challenge. They need it soon, so Tommy can act the dope and they can remind everyone why they’re the favourites to win. Release the Baby Borns, ITV.


Yooooooo! Ovie is finally getting his moment in the sun, after providing emotional support to so many of the Islanders. He and India hit it off right away, culminating in a cheeky kiss on the balcony last night. Are we mourning the end of our dreams of him and Amber taking the £50k as a platonic couple? Yes. Are we happy that he’s met someone? Ah yeah. Go on my son.


India arrived in and immediately grabbed the attention of both Ovie and Chris, so she’s in a very good position right now. She and Ovie have good chemistry, so it’ll be an easy enough choice for her tonight. Thank you for making our boy happy, India.

Anton and Belle

Much like their relationship itself, we run hot and cold on Anton and Belle. Their argument in the Island Club last weekend looked like the end of things between them, but somehow, they made up and everything is right as rain again? We get the feeling that Belle genuinely likes Anton (that little ‘Can I get a kiss now’ after their making up chat said loads) but it’s hard to read him. *thinking man emoji*


First of all, Francesca’s style? Immaculate, from her bejewelled headbands to the white shirts she drapes over her bikinis during the day. But she’s not exactly throwing herself into the Love Island Experience – like Ovie before her, she’s just enjoying making friends on her free holiday, basically laying out the welcome mat for Maura to steal Curtis from her. Is it too late for Fran to join the game? We’ll have to see.


Aww, Chris. We’ve warmed to him over the past few episodes, thanks to his sense of humour and magnificent salmon impression. Sadly, he got well and truly Ovie’d this week when the basketball player snatched India out from under his nose. He and Francesca will probably get by as a friendship couple, but he deserves more.


The Limerick rugby player seems like a perfectly lovely fella, and he’s been saying all the right things to Amber over the past few days. And we love how he keeps calling Michael ‘Mike’ and ‘Mick’. It’s just the right level of disrespect. Will Amber see the value in a nice Irish guy over snakey old Mick? PLEASE GOD YES.


F**K OFF MICHAEL. It’s all we can say. After all the shouting and lying and sliming about, we dearly hope Amber tells him where to get off. Unfortunately the even numbers in the villa mean we won’t get to see him savagely dumped tonight – unless, of course, there’s some sort of twist. Flackers, you need to get in and take him out of there.


Poor wee Harley has barely had a look in as of yet. Her entrance with India called to mind Maura and Elma – like India, Maura’s energy was so strong that she completely cancelled Elmer out. It’s a bad place to be, but at least she can pick a lad and get things going. Best of luck, gal.


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