Love Island USA Is Landing Very Soon, Here’s What You Need To Know

Love Island US is on the way, and we are LIVING for another reality show to become obsessed with, although a little worried about where to find the time for it, we’ll be honest!

The UK’s show creators are said to be involved with the US version and so we can expect a similar format across the pond.

But while show bosses are keen to keep it in the same vein as the UK one, it may be just a little more tame for CBS.

“We want to make sure the show is the show. It’s an aspirational, sexy, fun summer show. And the U.K. show has become less provocative and more broad appeal over time,” says Love Island executive producer David Eilenberg to Entertainment Weekly.

“We have to conform to broadcast standards, so what happens with language and — to some extent — what we see visually will be a little different because of the platform we’re on,” he added.

So still some kissing games but maybe that’ll be the extent of it.

“We want to feel like the World Cup of reality TV,” he added.

So here’s everything else we know so far:

When does it air?

The show will air in America on July 9th on CBS.

There’s no official word yet on how we’re going to watch it over here, but if there’s one thing Love Island fans are it’s determined.

If it’s anything like Love Island Australia it’ll be on directly after Love Island UK.

Like the OG show, it’ll be on five nights a week, so kiss your social life goodbye!

Where will it be set?

While the UK version is set in sunny Majorca, there are reports that the US one will be filmed in the very glamourous and tropical Fiji.

Will it be more diverse than the UK version?

The UK show has been criticised in recent times for its lack of diversity when it comes to the Islanders.

The show boss didn’t say a whole lot about it, but gave a vague quote that could mean people of different shapes and sizes take part and that gay and bisexual Islanders could be a possibility too.

“We’re open to seeing how the show can evolve over time, and I think when you see the U.S. show that there’s been real thought put into the diversity of our casting,” David Eilenberg said.

Who will be the American hosts?

Caroline Flack and Iain Stirling are loved by the UK fans and so the US version’s hosts have some big shoes to fill.

So far, there’s no confirmation on who will take over as narrator for Iain, but Arielle Vandenberg will be America’s Caroline.

She’s an actress and model who you may recognise from the likes of How I Met Your Mother, Meet the Browns and The Ugly Truth.

We’ll forgive this shocking British/Aussie (?!) accent in her promo video because she probably had no choice, and she’s still easing into it!


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Confirmed: There will be American accents. #LoveIslandUSA

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Speaking about nabbing the role Arielle said: “Are you kidding me? Dreams really do come true! I feel so honored to be a part of this amazing @cbstv family! WOW! I’m buzzing right now! I’ve waited my whole life for a moment like this!”

She added: “It feels exactly as I imagined! PERFECT! Thank you thank you thank you for choosing me to as your host! I LOVE LOVE!!! LET’S GOOOOOO!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!”


There’s also been no word just yet who will be cast on the show, but judging by the current series of the OG Love Island, we can expect some influencer types with a decent following, maybe a sibling of someone famous, and perhaps someone you kind of recognise from another reality show.

We’ll let you know if we hear anything more solid!


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