Love Island Withdrawals? There’s A Brand New Version Of It And It Starts In Two Weeks

This is exactly what we need right now.

If, like us, you’ve had severe shakes and overwhelming sadness since Love Island came to an end on Tuesday, worry not. A very similar show is coming to our TV screens and we are *so* ready for it.

Channel 5 is launching its very own sun-filled, reality show called Make Or Break that focuses on real, pre-existing couples who are ‘at a crossroads’ in their relationships.

The show will follow them to a luxury resort in Mexico where they’ll swap partners with the other couples every two days to see if their original relationship can stand the strain, and they’ll be forced to attend relationship and sex therapy while they’re there too.

Expect bad language, tonnes of drama and overall TV gold.

It starts on Monday 7th August and will be on every weekday at 10pm. Eeeep!

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