Love Island’s Kai Fagan Hints At ‘Engagement’ To Sanam Harrinanan

Cause there ain't no wedding like a Love Island wedding!

Kai Fagan Sanam Harrinanan


Is a Love Island wedding right around the corner? Well, it just might be as season nine winner Kai Fagan has teased an engagement with gf Sanam Harrinanan.

The couple finished first in Winter Love Island 2023, just five months ago, and are one of the last surviving couples from their season. Alongside Jessie and Will, as well as, Tanya and Shaq.

The 25-year-old recently shared a snap of Sanam with a glimmering ring on a certain finger, which of course, had fans theorising about a possible wedding.

Sanam Harrinanan


The former-teacher also captioned his post: “A promise”

So, a subtle engagement announcement?? Ehh, not exactly.

After a legion of fans rushed to congratulate the couple in the comment section, Kai stepped in to clear things up.

Explaining that they weren’t engaged, but he did gift Sanam a promise ring. As he wrote: “Btw guys it’s a promise ring!”

However, don’t rule out a wedding just yet, as he cheekily added: “The big one will come soon dw.”

Kai Fagan Sanam Harrinanan


So keep an eye out then!

It isn’t too much of a stretch, as the couple took a massive step in their relationship and moved in together last month.

Opening up about getting a home together, Kai said: “I know it might only be small but it’s our first home together. It’s a massive step.”

“We’re loving it so far.”



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