Love Island’s Maxwell Is Opening Up About His Split From Olivia

The pair split following their stay in the Love Island villa


We are all patiently waiting for the summer season of Love Island to return to our screens. But until then, there is still plenty of fallout from the winter season to keep us occupied.

Olivia and Maxwell were one of the most talked about couples on Winter Love Island following their Casa Amor fling. But outside the villa their relationship didn’t fare too well.

And now Maxwell is opening up about the end of their romance.

Speaking on The Murad Merali Podcast, he explained: “The main thing I would say with the whole situation, when you’re in the villa and even just after the villa but you’re still in South Africa together, it’s a very different environment.”


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Explaining that it is much easier to focus on the relationship when your in the Love Island villa.

Saying: “All that you have to focus on in that period of time is each other and kind of just being on holiday together and it’s kind of easy to have a great time when you’re on holiday and stuff like that.”

“But once you come back home and there are all these other things going on that then take your attention and take your focus.”

“It really gives you the opportunity to look at it and think is there really longevity in this situation or is it that we’ve connected and had this really amazing time together, but outside in the real world we’re just not too sure if it has that same longevity to it.”


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But despite their split, Maxwell was quick to reassure fans, there’s no ill-will or hard feelings between the pair.

Explaining: “Some people could expect me to be bitter and her to be bitter and come out and say some stuff but honestly… I hold her in very high regard.”

“I think she’s an amazing girl and I want really amazing things for her and a great time with all of the things she’s doing.”


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