Love Island’s Millie Was Just Called Lillie On Live TV

I Ross take thee Rachel...

Like something straight out of a TV show, Love Island’s Millie Court was just called the wrong name live on national TV.

But of course, it wasn’t just any wrong name, it was the name of the girl her boyfriend Liam, fellow Love Island winner, hooked up with while in Casa Amor on the reality TV show.

Appearing virtually on last week’sย This Morningย show, Eamonn kicked things off on a slightly *awkward* note, bringing up the Lillie sitch as a conversational starter. Joking he said:

“I have to say Millie, before you’re too hard on him (Liam,) Millie and Lillie… You sound alike and you look alike. It’s a mistake anybody would have made”

With Millie replying: “You think?”

Things then took a serious turn for the worst, when Eamonn’s wife Ruth jumped in to get the interview underway, calling Millie ‘Lillie’.

Glossing over the mistake the interview carried on as normal, with Millie simply laughing off Ruth’s slip of the tongue.

On Twitter, people showed that they were firmly Team Millie, as users were quick to jump to her defense and call our her queen behaviour.

“I think the point where I was like ‘okay I can’t do this anymore’ was when I had met Lillie. She told me everything and I thought ‘right no this is it, I’m not doing this anymore’.

Going on to explain why she changed her mind, Millie continued: “We’re together 24/7 in the villa, and I had really strong feelings for Liam in the villa before he went off to Casa Amor and just because that had happened, didn’t mean that my feelings for him had left.”

“It was so hard, looking at him thinking I cannot stay away from him. He’s so fit, he makes me laugh, and before we knew it he did a lovely gesture and I just thought ‘okay, let’s go for it’. I knew what we had was real, and we had a really good connection and that’s what was important to me.”