Love Island’s Mitch And Zach Address Alleged Offensive Behaviour

Fans are divided over their responses.

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The last season of Love Island was a heated one, earning contestants like Mitchel Taylor the title of Messy Mitch.

There’s been plenty of drama since the show ended too, with couples like Kady and Ouzy splitting because of the latter’s “behaviour”, Scott throwing shade at the villa upon getting out, and Abi making not-so-subtle TikTok’s referring to her relationship Mitch.

Now Mitch and Zach find themselves in hot water for something more serious – allegedly being kicked out of a club for harassing a homeless man and making homophobic comments, according to The Sun.


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The Sun references a now deleted TikTok video in which a guest at a party claimed that Mitch and Zach arrived “uninvited” and “threw” money at a homeless man, before proceeding to make allegedly homophobic comments.

Mitch released an apology video on his own TikTok and his Instagram story, in which he first and foremost asks fans to exclude Zach from the conversation.

“I do want to start off by apologising to Zach because these accusations have nothing to do with him”, he says in the video, adding “he has just been dragged straight into them. They are solely about me.”


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Mitch goes on to discuss the accusations; “I didn’t throw any money at a homeless person, it was a kind gesture to give a homeless person money and it’s been twisted into an evil thing…it’s not true.”

As for the allegations of homophobia, Mitch insisted, “I am not homophobic, I never have been.”

“This is probably the biggest accusation out of them all that I was homophobic…I was speaking to an influencer at the event and my words to them were, ‘I fancied you when you were straight.’ I can see how that comes across.

@messymitch0I hope this explains everything and I’m sorry for anyone that has been upset by some of what has been said♬ original sound – MessyMitch

“I am really bad with my words sometimes, I was just really nervous to meet this person because I am a fan of them and I do apologise.”

Mitch further explained his actions by pointing to how his life has changed.

“It’s a completely different world for me this, I’ve gone from fitting boilers to fancy events, and it can come across unprofessional and I understand that and whoever was at the event and saw me acting like that, I do want to apologise as well. It’s all new to me. But I am really trying to adjust to this lifestyle.”


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Zach took to his Instagram to share his own side of the story, in which he does not apologise but says “the narrative circulating…is 100% untrue.”

He added that he is “truly saddened to hear that someone was upset that evening but this had nothing to do with me.”

Fans in the comments section were divided about Mitch and Zach’s statements.

One commented under a photo of the two, “are you guys not embarrassed?”, while another person wrote “People are quick to take things out of context. Don’t worry too much about it. Things blow over. X”