Love Island’s Will Young Has Teased His Engagement Plans With Jessie Wynter

How cute are they?


Love Island star Will Young has hinted towards engagement plans with girlfriend Jessie Wynter.

The couple got together on the 2023 winter series of Love Island, but unfortunately narrowly missed out on a place in the final. However, the pair left the villa as an official couple and have been inseparable ever since, sparking the first Love Island international love affair.

Since their departure from the villa, the couple have embarked on a trip around Europe and even made it back to Tasmania so Will had the opportunity to meet Jessie’s parents.

Earlier in the month the couple shared a sweet snap together while they were on holiday in Ibiza. Fans went crazy when they spotted a ring on THAT finger in one of the cute photos.

Although the couple immediately shut down engagement rumours they revealed they had welcomed two new baby goats into the fold.

Chatting to the MailOnline Will revealed what’s next for his and Jessie’s relationship and when we can expect him to pop the question.

The TikTok farmer said: “Last week I made a romantic gesture to Jessie. I won’t lie, we are creeping up to the ring. We are creeping up to it.”

“First stage is the goats, give us a couple of months and then the next thing is going to come and we will keep getting stronger and moving forward,” he added.

Jessie jumped in to say: “I love Will so much and I don’t need a ring to know that. I know we love each other.”

She also revealed that Will had some ring questions for her recently: “We were sitting at dinner the other night and he took my ring off my finger and was holding it and asked, ‘Does this ring fit you well?’ I looked at him like, ‘What? Why do you care about that?’. He was acting so awkward.”

So yes it’s on the way and Will wants the world to know: “Get this down, Will Young loves Jessie and wants to marry her. I say this to Jessie all the time, we are going to get married and have kids.”


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