Love Island’s Yewande Reveals Fellow Contestant George Rains Had A Secret GF While They Were Dating

Spill that tea, gal.


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Remember that brief moment where fellow Love Island contestants Yewande Biala and George Rains got together outside the villa? Fast forward a few weeks, and the news came that the pair split after rumours were circulating that George, in fact, already had a girlfriend. Well now, Yewande has only gone and confirmed that rumour.

Speaking on her Youtube channel, she told fellow Islander Joe Garrett, who she had on her channel as a guest, that things ended with George because she found out he was in a relationship. “We were seeing each other but it wasn’t serious. It was just casual and then it didn’t work out [because] he actually had a girlfriend.”

Well, okay then.

Yewande’s subscribers were quick to express their shock, with one commenting:

“The fact that George had a girlfriend while seeing Yewande😳😳 my mind is blown”,

and another saying, “How is she just causally gonna slip in that George was seeing someone”.


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George previously came under fire after claims that he was basically chasing fame. A source at the time said, “George was just trying to stay in the limelight. He’s desperate. First, he was trying to pull Lucie [Donlan], but when he knew that wasn’t working he moved quickly onto Yewande because she had a big following,” they told The Sun.

They then continued to say that George was actually seeing an Instagram influencer at the time, “George is desperate to stay in the limelight after his four days of fame. He has absolutely no feelings for Yewande as he was seeing Nicole [Tamerian] at the time.”

Well, that’s pretty awkward.




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