Love Or Hate? Men’s Chokers Are A Thing Now And We Have Mixed Feelings

Even ASOS are selling them. This is real.

After reaching their style peak in the early Noughties, chokers started making a comeback in women’s fashion last year, with everyone from Rihanna to Taylor Swift jumping aboard the trend.

Now though, chokers are getting something of a unisex makeover, with ASOS and Topman both introducing the slim-fitting neckwear to their men’s ranges for SS17.

Both retailers are selling beaded, metal and shoestring-style chokers targeted specifically at men, as well as some slightly more out-there fabric styles, available in dusky pinks, turquoise, browns and greys.


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Male chokers were spotted on the SS17 catwalks last year, and our man Harry Styles even donned one for his Seventies-themed Another Man shoot in autumn 2016, but things went fully mainstream yesterday when TODAY Show host Matt Lauer opened his top button on air to reveal a black choker underneath.


He may be a silver fox, but he’s also probably old enough to be your Da, and he’s just admitted to wearing chokers. There’s no getting away from it now: this trend is REAL.

A quick tally of the team revealed a mixed reaction, and there’s a similar vibe on Twitter. For some, it’s a no-no for guys:

Others don’t see why it matters whether the wearer is a man or a woman:

And then there are those who simply hate chokers in general, on men or women. You can’t please everyone, eh?

We sense The Great Man Bun Debate Of 2015 might be starting all over again…


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