Lucinda Makes Hilarious TikTok About The Brad And Aaron Situation

This is very funny tbf

At least she can laugh at it!

Lucinda and Aaron appeared on Aftersun last night and of course Lucinda’s date night with Brad was the topic of conversation, it was slightly awkward as Aaron just nervous laughed, here’s what went down.

Laura Whitmore grilled Lucinda about a recent date night with Brad saying, “I don’t like to always believe what I see in the press but I did see pictures Lucinda of you on a date, or maybe just hanging out with Brad…what is that about?”

As Lucinda was sitting beside Aaron who she was coupled up with when she left the villa it was a little awkward, but she replied, “Last night we met up and went out in Brighton, but yeah it’s still early stages, it’s all up in the air in my life”.

Laura then asked if things were over romantically between her and Aaron, to which they said they were just friends.

Lucinda took to TikTok behind the scenes to make a funny video about how she feels when she’s asked about the “Aaron situation”


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The two seemed to be on good terms last night with jokes and laughs and even revealing they’ve been on Facetime to one another during their isolation period.

Laura then told Aaron that the Casa Amor girls had revealed to her that they were gutted Aaron wasn’t going to be there for the trip to the villa, she didn’t name names but said she would fill him in later. Could we see Aaron coupling up with a Casa Amor lady? Maybe even one of the Irish gals?

We will have to wait and see…

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