Lucrative Logging: 5 Logging Apps To Make You Feel A Bit More Productive

We love a log.

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell/ Pexels

I’m in the cinema. I’ve just seen an incredible movie. I get up to leave the theatre, awash with the enjoyment of what I’ve just experienced. The second I get 4G I go straight onto Letterboxd and log the film. 4.5 stars, a witty one liner, one like from a friend who has also seen the movie. Such is my routine, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Logging apps are very en vogue. Where once we travelled straight to Instagram or Twitter (RIP) for a wondrous variety of information, now many of us are making our social media usage that little bit more specialised. Want to read what your friends are saying about the book they just read? There’s an app for that. Want to remember exactly how much money you spent last year on your trip to Florence? There’s an app for that too. 

Logging a little piece of my day makes me feel like I’ve achieved something. I didn’t just watch a film – I logged that film. And my followers saw! That’s somehow more significant than simply viewing a piece of content. Now I’m engaging with it too, and more importantly, I’ll be able to remember exactly what I thought of it in years to come. Ah, technology. 

Here are 6 of our favourite logging apps that could make your day feel that little bit more productive. 


If you’re a film fan, you simply must get a Letterboxd account. Keep track of every movie you’ve seen, create lists of your favs from the year, see what your followers are watching, and crucially, leave funny little reviews. Even Martin Scorsese is on the app – c’mon! 


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Letterboxd but for books… sort of. Goodreads has been around for a long time and has long been a very handy app for keeping track of new releases, to-read lists, and reviews from your favourite authors. How handy?!


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Plant Nanny 

If you’re trying to drink more water, congrats – you’re not the only one. It can sometimes be difficult to remember to stay hydrated, but Plant Nanny is here to help. Everytime you drink some water, you get to log it in the app and help your adorable little plant grow! You might neglect your own water consumption, but you wouldn’t neglect the cute, animated plant, would you? 


Enjoy tracking your period? Enjoy it even more when you get to input data into a nice app with an aesthetic cycle graphic? Of course you do! Clue tracks your period, lets you know where you are in your menstrual cycle, when you’re ovulating… the list goes on. 


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The next time you’re on holidays with the gals, make Splitwise be your first port of call. The app is extremely handy for splitting large bills, figuring out who owes who what, and generally keeping track of your finances when there’s a lot of in and out goings. Simply input exactly what you’ve spent (or what the bill was) and the app does the rest. Life saver! 

This article first appeared in the March/April issue of STELLAR