Madeline Argy Talks ‘Toxic’ Relationship With Central Cee

"We both were a little bit obsessed with each other"

Image via Instagram, @madelineargy

TikTok star Madeline Argy is spilling the tea on her relationship with UK rapper Central Cee.

Both Madeline and Central Cee (real name Oakley Neil H.T Caesar-Su) have experienced a quick rise to recognition in the media, boosted by fans’ delight in their surprising connection.

This is especially thanks to a number of memes involving the pair, like one viral video where Oakley describes the lyrics to his hit song Doja; “how can I be homophobic, my bitch is gay.”

@genius @centralcee said what he meant on #doja—homophobia is for weirdos #verified ♬ original sound – Genius

Now, Madeline has appeared on Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast to discuss her relationship with Oakley, and their eventual breakup.

The TikTokker cuddled up in bed with Alex for her candid tell all, revealing her “fun” but “toxic” experience with the rapper.

The chat comes as a shock to fans of the two, as they were notoriously private about their romance.


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She tells Alex that she made the “final call” when it came to their split, noting that it was difficult “because we both were a little bit obsessed with each other.”

“It was a lot of back and forth and like, kind of in a fun, toxic way when you’re like, oh God, this needs to end, but fuck it, let’s go on one more trip together or let’s have one more night,” she explained. “It needed to be like ripping the Band-Aid off.”

Madeline went on to say that she didn’t like who she was around Oakley, especially when with his friends and family.

“I really didn’t like who I became, towards the end especially,” she shared with Alex.


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“One thing that always got to me was he always said I was rude. And I really pride myself on not being fucking rude…I understand that I’m a little bit shy and sometimes I can come off like I’m not interested but I’m actually just… I don’t know what to say and so I don’t say anything….

“Whenever I’m in a room with your friends, or your family, or your co-workers, I don’t say anything and I become this really closed off, small version of myself.”

Madeline told Alex that while her confidence slipped during her relationship, she’s slowly getting it back – despite temptations to revisit the romance.

“It’s New York Fashion Week and he was here, and I had no intention to see him, but I got the text…and I was like, ‘No. I’m absolutely not going to.’ And I went to bed, and I expected to wake up the next morning being like, ‘Thank fucking God, I held my own in that situation.'”

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Instead, Madeline reveals she woke up with regret. “I woke up like, ‘Nah I really should’ve fucked him,” she confessed.

“I texted my friend, ‘I actually think I’m addicted to chaos.”

However, Madeline revealed that she is glad now that she has put a firm end to any possible flings with Oakley, and wishes her ex all the best going forward.


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“He is in such an exciting part of his life and I’m so happy for him,” she said.

Reflecting on what’s best for them both, she added, “I was like, why are we forcing each other to be in this situation? I don’t want this toxic, horrible – what it became, horrible – situation to be always in the back of your mind.”

Sounds like it wasn’t meant to be!