Madonna Doesn’t Care If You Hate The Butt Implants She May Or May Not Have Gotten

The singer's ass attracted considerable attention at an NYE party earlier this week.

It’s the fourth day of 2019 and everyone is talking about Madonna’s ass. This may not sound too unusual, but bear with us.

On New Year’s Eve, the pop icon delighted patrons of New York’s famous Stonewall Inn by popping in with her son David to sing a few songs. Wouldn’t you just die? It looked like so much fun:

However, when videos of the performance hit social media, people were distracted by just how, er… voluminous Madge’s bum looks.

Now, we’re all pretty familiar with the contours of Madonna’s body at this stage, and this is different, right? Many people are also quite familiar with what butt implants look like, and well… rumours began to swirl that the singer had gone under the knife.

Pictures of her looking similarly curvaceous in a leotard started being shared alongside the NYE videos, but these are actually from a 2016 performance with Ariana Grande:

So is the bum new? Topped up? Or just the result of more squats, as the Kardashians like to say?

After an outpouring of mournful tweets about her old ass (some going so far as to call it ‘botched’), Madonna responded to the rumours via a cryptic but extremely Madonna-like Instagram post.

“Desperately seeking no one’s approval. And entitled to free agency over my body like everyone else,” she wrote, turning off the comments and including a bunch of hashtags like ‘#freedom’, ‘#respect’, and ‘#nodiscrimination’.

The post neither confirms nor denies anything, but reminds us all that even if she DID get butt implants, she doesn’t care if you think they’re good or bad. We’d expect nothing less from the Queen of Pop.


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