Mariah Carey Has Just Been Robbed Of $50,000 Worth Of Handbags And Sunglasses

It happened at 3am last night.

Mariah Carey’s Los Angeles mansion was ransacked by burglars who made away with $50,000 worth of belongings overnight.

Insiders told TMZ that the thieves broke into the singers home at 3am, probably through a window or door upstairs, as a ladder was found in her back yard.

They tripped a silent alarm, but as Mariah was away in New York at the time, her security didn’t discover the break-in until about 7am this morning.

Strangely, none of the star’s valuable jewellery was taken, but rather $50K worth of handbags and sunglasses. (How many pairs of glasses does one woman need?!)

The important thing is that nobody was hurt, and anything that was taken can always be replaced.

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