Marissa Carter Has Shared What She’s Learned After Taking 12 Weeks Off Social Media

Could you do it? We... probably couldn't.

Marissa Carter says taking time off social media helped her get “a lot more sh*t done” – and well, we’re likely to believe that.

The Cocoa Brown founder is back on Instagram after a 12-week hiatus, though she’s keeping her profile on private for now.

She returned in time for the Cocoa Brown Future Leaders forum, in which over 500 Transition Year students heard from female leaders in business, media, and the STEM industries.

Marissa told her 111k followers last night that she learned quite a bit from her time off, though she missed watching her friends and sharing what’s going on in her life. Here’s what she says she now “knows with certainty”:

  1. “The world doesn’t end when people can’t contact you on social media.
  2. You can get a lot more sh*t done when you’re not constantly distracted by your phone.
  3. The best friends are the ones who make the time to have coffee with you in real life.
  4. Less time spent documenting experiences means more time in the moment enjoying experiences. Quality time with family and friends are enhanced by putting our screens away.
  5. Social media is wonderful. It has the power to connect people in a powerful and positive way but – and there’s a big BUT – being over-connected happens easily and it’s important to be aware of how social media impacts your wellbeing, relationships, work output and so many other aspects of life.”

All extremely true! We don’t know if we could completely chuck social media for 12 weeks, but fair play to Marissa for powering through.