Maura Higgins Is ‘Fuming’ Over The Latest Allegations By Curtis Pritchard

“She doesn’t get why he felt the need to reignite any feud."


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Remember when Curtis Pritchard wanted to be the nice guy who got up to make everyone coffee in the mornings? It feels like a very distant memory.

It seems that Maura Higgins has been left ‘fuming’ after her ex Curtis Pritchard accused her of cheating.

In recent comments, Curtis labelled Maura a cheat and compared her to a second-hand car on Channel 4’s comedy show Stand Up And Deliver.

A source close to Maura has revealed that she is ‘fuming’ over the comments and that she believed any bad feelings between the pair were behind them.

Speaking to New Magazine, the source said, “She doesn’t get why he felt the need to reignite any feud. She thought it was all in the past.”


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On the show Stand Up And Deliver, Curtis compared Maura to many things, including whiskey, saying he likes to drink it because it’s “trusting, the flavour will never cheat on you…unlike my ex-girlfriend”.

The show sets celebrities up with comedians in order to do a stand-up gig for charity. When asked about his upcoming material and if the Love Island participants should be worried, Curtis said, “Love Island is in there, absolutely.

“There was lots of comedy elements in that. Comedy’s meant to be edgy, pushing the boundaries and at the end of the day, it’s meant to be just good fun and enjoyment for everyone that’s going to listen.

“That’s the answer I’ll give for that.”

Of course, now Maura is all loved up with fellow Love Island contestant Chris Taylor. I just love this for them.


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