Maura Higgins’ Mam Is Getting Her Own Agony Aunt Show, Naturally

She's the epitome of the Irish mammy.

Maura Higgins entered our lives in the summer of 2019, and the world changed for the better. She’s sassy, gas craic and the kind of gal you’d like in your corner. So it was safe to say we all fell head over heels for her, hey, we even made the fabulous Maura our November cover star.

Then, when the parents visited the villa, we fell in love with Maura a little more after seeing her and her mam’s relationship. Maura’s mam, Sharon, is the epitome of an Irish mammy and we just love it. It seems everyone else does too, because Sharon is now making her way onto the TV by bagging her own show.

Sharon will be gracing our screens as an Agony Aunt, specifically for OAPs. The RTE show, simply called ‘Agony OAPs‘, will see Sharon eagerly try to help others by imparting her wisdom, and her fond bluntness.

Plus, there’s set to be appearances from some well-known faces too, who will be helping Sharon with the influx of woes and worries along the way. Have something that’s niggling at you? You can get your questions into Sharon by emailing them on

We already have a sneaky suspicion that this is going to make some great reality TV. If Sharon is as much like Maura as she seems, she’s destined for the TV screen too!