Maya Jama Falls Ill Ahead Of Love Island: The Reunion

Here's hoping Maya Jama is feeling better

Maya Jama


We are all desperate to see Love Island: The Reunion tonight, and catch up with this year’s islanders.

But, the show is up in the air at the minute as host Maya Jama has fallen ill.

Taking to her IG story yesterday, Maya told followers: “Feeling sorry for myself lol.”

“Glands are swollen and I’ve got a temperature. Man down.” The Bristol native has yet to update followers, nor has ITV.

Maya Jama


Here’s hoping Maya is feeling better soon, and able to host the show.

Especially as this year’s reunion is promising to be a return to the classics, with the episode being packed with drama. So much so, the show has even been extended to fit in the drama.

According to The Sun, the reunion will now last 95 minutes.

With a source telling the publication: “The Reunion is the opportunity for stars to settle scores after watching back the show and seeing how things really played out.”

“There’s already been a lot of shady snipes on social media between some unexpected stars.”

“We know the Islanders who might have been chucked out before they wanted to and now is the chance to grab some extra airtime.”


While there is no word on which islanders will be feuding, there are plenty of situations that weren’t resolved in the villa.

Dublin girl Catherine and footballer Scott did reunite on the outside and things are good between them as they focus on their friendship. But undoubtedly there will be some questions about their villa drama during the interviews.

There is also Mitch and Abi, who left things in a rough place, when she was dumped from the island. While he is with Ella B, and she coupled up with Scott before leaving, the pair had plenty of confrontations that will probably be addressed.

And then…there is Kady. The season two star returned to the villa to cause some chaos, and while she certainly did that. She has caused more drama since leaving, appearing on podcasts and speaking about her former villa-mates.

There could even be some tough questions for winner Jess and Sammy, who took the crown, but left fans divided with their win.