Megan & Wes Announce They Will Be ‘Un-Coupling & Co-Parenting’ And We Are Confused

Another Love Island couple have officially bitten the dust…. Disappointed? Yes. Surprised? No.

After a couple of weeks making headlines over Wes’ Dancing On Ice partner and how Megan wasn’t exactly her biggest fan, the pair have announced that they have officially called it quits.

Megan took to Instagram stories (in true Dani Dyer form) to let her fans know that they had decided to ‘un-couple’ –  a phrase that was given legs by Gwenyth Paltrow and Chris Martin back in the day.

But it was Megan’s statement about her and Wes continuing to ‘co-parent’ and that they were ‘parents first and foremost’ that had us saying…. wha’??

Fear not, you didn’t miss a secret Love Island baby, as Megan is talking about the pair’s pet hamster…. yes…. they will be remaining friends for the sake of being there for their pet…hamster.

All that aside, we’re sure its a bit bad timing for Wes as he now has to perform on Dancing On Ice this week as his relationship breakdown dominates the news.

We’re keeping their beloved child in our thoughts at this difficult time.


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