Meghan Trainor’s Reason For “Never Voting” Has Not Gone Down Well On Twitter

She's 22, but has never entered a ballot box.

Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainer is often touted as a positive role model for young women, and a new interview with her in Billboard says as much within the first paragraph.

However, amongst all the talk of her “anti-squad squad” with Chloe Grace Moretz and her decision to swear off men until she finds one mature enough, there is one line that doesn’t read as very role model-esque at all.

It turns out that, at age 22, Meghan Trainor has never voted. Not in 2012, nor again in 2014. “But she’s been on tour!” you might say. “She just hasn’t had the chance!”

Not quite, as it turns out. The singer says she has no wish to vote because she simply doesn’t feel informed enough.

“I should be way more aware, and if it was [Clinton] or Trump, I’d definitely vote for her [in the upcoming Presidential election],” she says.

“But I’ve never voted and I don’t have any desire to.”

Unsurprisingly, there’s been more than a bit of uproar on Twitter:

Here’s hoping Meghan exercises her voting rights sooner rather than later.


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