Mel B Has Claimed She Slept With Geri Horner During The Spice Girls Era

Girl power and all that!

We all know that the Spice Girls were super close back in their heyday, but now Mel B is saying her relationship with Geri was more than platonic.

Mel B has claimed that she and Geri Horner, previously Halliwell, slept together during their Spice Girl era – when neither of them were married, of course.

The 43-year-old made the confession while filming for Piers Morgan’s Life Stories last week.

In the clip, Piers can be seen asking Mel: “You were coming here to be brutally honest – did or didn’t you sleep with Geri Halliwell? Did you sleep with her?”

“Yeah. We all slept in a bed together, but not like that, all of us,” she answered.

Piers continues to probe, asking: “Did you sleep with Geri like that?”

spice girls split

Mel nodded and continued: “She’s going to hate me for this because she’s all posh in her country house with her husband.

“We were best friends. It just happened. It wasn’t a thing. It just happened. We just giggled at it and that was it. It just happens one time and then you talk about it and it does not really happen again. It was just that one time.”

During the revealing interview, Mel and Geri’s bandmate, Mel C, sat in the audience appearing to be shocked.

An insider told The Sun over the weekend that Geri, 46, is upset over what Mel B said and that it has “done damage” to their friendship.

Let’s hope the gals can patch things up before their tour begins!


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