Mel B Has Said She’s ‘Disappointed’ Victoria Didn’t Show Up At Their Reunion Gigs

Never a dull moment for the Spice Girls!


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As the reunion tour came to an end this week, Mel B spoke about being let down by Victoria Beckham for being a no-show.

Mel B, Mel C, Geri and Emma performed their biggest hits around the UK and Ireland without their fifth member, who did not provide a reason for missing out on the reunion tour.

Speaking on This Morning, Scary Spice gave a firm, nodding yes when asked if she was disappointed about Victoria.

“Yes, I expected her to come and just say hi at least. Not even on stage just as an audience member supporting..,” she said.

When asked about why Posh Spice gave the tour a miss, Mel said: “Do I look like I know? I don’t know! I’m sure she has her reasons for not.”

She added: “I’ve already said, ‘Yeah, I was upset’. I still am a little bit but it is what it is, and us girls, we all support each other no matter what.”

Victoria was apparently unable to attend the London show as she was attending footballer Sergio Ramo’s wedding with husband David, but Mel wasn’t accepting this as a valid excuse saying: “Wedding? Spice Girls show? Come on!”

Presenters Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan tried to stir the pot just a little more by asking about a possible rift between the band members. But Mel replied: “No, we’re all adults, we have to respectfully get on with whatever.”

She added: “It is a bit disappointing, let’s put it that way.”

Fans got excited at the prospect of a new fifth member after Adele posed in a pic with four of her idols.

And while we’re sure Mel B is a big fan, she’s not up for Adele becoming the new Posh.

“Adele’s Adele, and there’s only one Posh,” she said.

Fair enough!

Mel B isn’t the only one of the band members getting honest lately, as Geri Horner shared her own personal words about the band on stage this week.

Ginger Spice offered a heartfelt apology for leaving the band over 20 years ago, adding “I was just being a brat.”

Never a dull moment for the Spice Girls!


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