Mel B Was Having None Of This Reporter Who Claimed The Spice Girls Were Miming During UK Concerts

A radio host in the UK has come under fire from Mel B for claiming that The Spice Girls were miming during their much anticipated comeback tour.

The 90’s sensations kicked off their reunion tour in Croke Park in Dublin last month, and have been performing in sold out arena’s around the UK ever since.

Despite reports of some sound issues at the shows, fans were raving abut the absolute excitement and joy of having the Wannabe singers back performing! But now, Mel B, AKA Scary Spice has been forced to defend the girls yet again.

Mel B, Mel C, Gerri and Emma performed in Sunderland earlier this week, a show which was attended by UK radio presenter Anna Foster, and she had one or two choice words for the ladies after the show.

Anna told listeners: “I think there might have been a bit of miming here and there. I am just saying, I think there might have been.”

“I am fine with that [miming]. You do not go to see Britney Spears or the Spice Girls for their wonderful voices. You go to see the show,” she said on BBC Radio Newcastle.

Fair enough?

Not according to our Mel.

The mother of three replied directly to the host on Twitter, denying there was any lip syncing going on at all.

“FYI we don’t mime pls correct yourself!! You guys are nice.” she said.


Well Anna wanted the last word it seems, as she again replied to the singer.

“I did say I thought Mel was fantastic. I thought the gig was incredible. I was just very, very honest about one particular performance.”

Either way we’re LOVING being able to Spice up our Lives!


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