Men Are Using Those Gender-Swapping Snapchat Filters To See What It’s Like To Be A Woman On Tinder

It was only a matter of time until the catfishing began.

Hi, this is @valerieloftus with the Snapchat man filter on. Don’t I look like James Patrice?

Were you one of the many people who re-downloaded Snapchat over the weekend to see what you’d look like as a man? Same.

The app has three new filters that have been attracting a lot of attention – one that gives you a square jaw and manly facial hair, one that offers you feminine features and long hair, and another that turns you into the baby version of yourself.

Naturally, everyone has been knocking great craic out of it all. But it seems that when they were making this filter, Snapchat weren’t thinking about the dodgier aspects of giving people this technology. Like, eh… rampant catfishing.

Seemingly unable to resist themselves, men have been giving themselves feminine makeovers on Snapchat and setting up Tinder accounts for their new female alter-egos.

And they’re pretty surprised by what they’ve found out about being a woman on a dating app. From the sheer amount of matches one can receive in a short space of time:

To the creepy and/or boring messages they’re getting:

To realising that men will swipe right on pretty much anything with long hair.

Welcome to our world, fellas! And while we’d normally suggest simply listening to women when they talk about their experiences, it’s clear that some things truly do not hit home until you see them for yourself.

Funnily enough, we haven’t seen any women attempt the same thing with the ‘manly’ filter. We wonder why…


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