Michelle Keegan’s Latest Snapchat Has Just Disproved The Wierdest Rumour About Her

She has set the record straight

Michelle Keegan

We’re sure Michelle Keegan is no stranger to an odd rumour or two, she has shot to fame from being a soap star after all.

But it’s the latest fan theory about Michelle that had us very confused.

Pictures emerged last week of the former Corrie actress walking down the street in flip-flops, and all people were saying was that she had six toes. Yeah we were just as confused….

So what else was Mark Wright’s wife to do but shut down the rumours once and for all by sharing a picture of her feet, which both have the regular five toes.

The stunner took to snapchat to share the image, saying “My and my 6 toes are off out tonight. Oh wait…”

So there you have it, we wonder what the next bizarre rumour will be about?


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