MIC’s Ollie Locke Says He’s ‘Ready’ To Be Gay, Months After Split From Girlfriend

'I want to experience my first real gay relationship.'

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Until December of last year, Ollie Locke was in a relationship with a female, but now the Made In Chelsea star says he’s ready to be openly gay.

Having previously revealed he was bisexual, Ollie told The Sun this weekend that things had changed for him. Speaking about coming out to his friends and family on MIC, the 28-year-old said he was more than ready for some honest conversation on the topic.

“It’s the first time the viewers have seen me as gay instead of bi. I do say the words ‘I am a gay man,'” he revealed.

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Ollie has been openly bisexual since 2011, but his most recent relationship was with a female, Catherine Louise Radford. The former couple lived together in London until their split in December 2015, at which point Ollie says he realised he was ready to come out.

“I lived with a woman last year when I was off camera, we had two dogs together. And then we broke up and in December I thought, ‘That’s it now, I think I’m now gay.'”

After wrapping on the Made In Chelsea summer series – filmed in Cannes – last week Ollie is currently back in London, settling into a new apartment and taking things easy.

The reality star, who earlier this year called his love life a “disaster,” says he’s looking forward to new experiences with men.

“I want to experience my first real gay relationship, whether that’s on or off camera, I don’t mind. But I want to have one . . . I’m ready,” he said.