Miley And Liam Have Reportedly Suffered A Devastating Setback In Their Relationship

Could the wedding be off?

Just when we thought everything was looking ever so rosy for reunited exes Miley and Liam, it seems that they’ve hit a stumbling block and there’s a whole lot of trouble in paradise.

The pair are reportedly set to marry, but according to OK! Australia they’ve gotten into a blazing row over the prenup.

Arguments are par for the course in any relationship, but sources say this row was explosive and it could threaten the future of their relationship.

Apparently it all kicked off when Miley asked Liam to sign a prenup and he was deeply offended.

“They got into an explosive fight,” a source revealed. “She thought he was going to end the relationship. Miley told her friends that Liam got furious. They never yell, but they were screaming and in tears.”

Just days ago Liam posted a loved up snap with his other half on his Instagram account.

My little angel and I.

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Here’s hoping, that if there’s any truth to the rumours, Miley and Liam will be able to patch things up and move on.

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