Miley Cyrus Has Explained Why She Took Back Her Apology For Her 2008 Vanity Fair Photo

She says there was nothing sexual about the photo on the shoot itself.

YouTube: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Back in 2008, a 15-year-old Miley Cyrus posed in Vanity Fair wearing nothing but a sheet covering her chest. The photo, shot by Annie Leibovitz, was met with some serious backlash, resulting in the child star apologising.

Now, on the 10th anniversary of the photo, Miley has revoked her apology on Twitter with a polite ‘F*ck You’.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night, Miley explained why she revoked her apology.

Miley says there was absolutely nothing sexual about the picture when she shot it, and that her whole family was present during the shoot. She also said it didn’t get sexualised until the media made it that way. About the photo, Miley said she’s got nothing to be ashamed of, because it’s everyone else’s “poisonous thoughts” that corrupted it, and they’re the ones who should be ashamed.

I think the conversation has changed a lot, and I think something I really thought about was – you know, sure, some people thought that I did something wrong in their eyes – but I think it was really wrong of someone to put that this is my shame, that I should be ashamed of myself.

When asked why she made the original apology, Miley answered:

I’m sure someone told me to, but you know what? That’s why I don’t do what people tell me to anymore. Because that idea sucked…I think at that time, I just wanted this to go away, and I think I also was trying to balance and understand what being a role model is. And to me, I think being a role model has been my free spiritedness and sometimes my unapologetic attitude.


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