Miley Cyrus Just Shared The Scary Reason Why She Finally Quit Smoking Weed

"It was seriously horrible."

Miley Cyrus got super honest during a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon about the real reason she no longer smokes weed.

During Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, the Nashville-born singer admitted that she used to always be high, even on previous appearances on Jimmy’s show.

“I’ve always been very stoned on your shows, I don’t know if you know this,” she said. “It’s weird to be here. Remember the last time, I was here, I was dressed like a bunny rabbit and then a cat, there’s a reason for that. I was high.”

The 24-year-old said the reason why she’s being open about her past, as well as her recent lifestyle change, is because she wants people to understand where her new music is coming from.

“I want to be really clear because I’m actually the most passionate about what I’m doing with this record. I loved making this record so, so much. This record for me at this moment is the most important album I’ve ever made. I wanted to make sure I was super clear when I’m talking.”

It turns out that the reason Miley quit doing drugs was because she had recurring nightmares about her own death. “It was seriously horrible…” she said, “I had a dream that I would die during my monologue on SNL, that I would get so stoned and die,” she admitted to the talkshow host.

The star continued, “No one’s ever died from weed, but no one’s ever smoked as much as I did.”

So she moved to Malibu and decided to turn her life around.

You can see the full interview here:

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