Millie Court Gets Candid About Her Split From Liam Reardon – After Their Reunion

The Love Island champions rekindled their romance earlier this year

Millie Court Liam Reardon


Millie Court and Liam Reardon are back together and stronger than ever, but that doesn’t mean the Love Island champions had an easy breakup.

The couple won the 2021 series of Love Island, and left the villa in a relationship. But called it quits just a year later, going their separate ways with Millie entering her single girl era, and moving in with villamate, Chloe Burrows. While Liam jumped back into the dating scene, and starred in Celebs Go Dating.

But the pair rekindled their romance earlier this year, and are even IG official once again. But while they might have reunited, their breakup was still a tough period.

As the influencer told the Daily Mail: “Do you know what for me it was hard to speak to people I knew, like friends and family, because I felt like they couldn’t relate, because they obviously hadn’t gone through the things I’d been through, in the sense of meeting someone on a show and all of this experience and then going through a breakup.”

Millie Court Liam Reardon


Continuing: “It was a lot and I felt like speaking to someone who had absolutely no idea who I was or what had happened and getting fresh eyes and ears on the situation to get their outlook on it.”

“I found it really helpful to get their advice. Sometimes your parents can be quite biased because they know you and they want the best for you and their opinions are a bit skewed, so it’s good to get a therapist’s views on things.”

“It doesn’t matter what’s wrong and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed to need to speak to someone. It’s just literally having a chat and making yourself feel better about situations.”

Millie also admitted to some of the aspects of their romance that led to their split. Confessing that rushing to move in together just months after Love Island wasn’t the best for their relationship.

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Explaining: “That was hard. That was something we felt like we had to do because Liam lived in Wales, so it was like how are we going to make our relationship work with you so far away.”

“Looking back, moving in together that quickly was probably the wrong thing to do and it was better having that time apart and missing each other and going on dates and doing things that normal people do.”

While Liam added: “If you weren’t on Love Island and saw someone for a few weeks and then all of sudden you up and moved country to be with them – you just wouldn’t do it. My family would have something to say.”

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Sharing how the massive live adjust after starring on reality show, made their relationship challenging.

“It was a complete whirlwind, our lives completely changed and then you’ve also got this new relationship as well and then you’re living together.”

“So there’s so many new things happening all very very soon. You’re supposed go through these things in life gradually and be able to enjoy them, whereas we kind of just rushed everything.”

“It all happened at once and we couldn’t enjoy it as much – we just had to go with it,” Liam said.